Shye Yih Feeding Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. Huang Jin-Ji and focused on trading of animal raw materials in 1965. Till 1980’s, Shye Yih converted the company into a professional aquafeeds manufacturer due to the raised demand on aquaculture market. Based on wealth and professional knowledge on raw material of aquaculture feeds, Shye Yih started to provide high quality feed under the brand, ”Hai Yang”.


”Hai Yang” was specialized on aquafeeds of Eel, Tilapia, Prawn and Milkfish at the beginning. Based on progressive researches on technique and upgrade on equipment, we started to develop high value aquafeeds, including Sea bass, Grouper, Cobia, Threadfin, Ayu, Crab, Trout and etc. Through years, Hai Yang has become a leading brand in Taiwan market, and the sales volume has up to 56,000 tons. Furthermore, in order to provide healthy fish fry and improve feed quality, Shye Yih invested fish nursery grounds and fisheries experimental station for 40 hectares. Moreover, Shye Yih also invested aquafarms of eel and soft-shelled turtle for 30 hectares in China.


Shye Yih computerized the production flow, from incoming, production to delivery to provide high quality controlled and efficiency feeds. Further, we keep on updating state-of-the-art technique and upgrading profession for competitiveness internationally. In 2012, Shye Yih was certificated with ISO22000 and HACCP. In 2014, new aquafeed plant was founded to increase the capacity to meet the raised demand from the market. The plant area is nearly 25,000 square meters and the monthly capacity has been over 10,000 tons.



Hai Yang concerns environment protection and society responsibility. Our faith is to keep on growing up under responsible attitude. Hai Yang is dedicated to business globalization, customer satisfaction and quality aquafeeds.